22 February 2013

Weekend in Cartagena.

Muy mal, Claire, muy mal, llevas mucho tiempo sin actualizar tu blog. Jo, lo siento, es que estoy explotada de exámenes, sin descansos y sin nada, y todo el día estudiando, y justo hoy que estoy malita (oh yeah, que guay) pues he aprovechado para actualizar mi blog desde mi sofá enrollada en cien mantas y bebiendo té. Bueno, hace unas dos semanas pasé el fin de semana en Cartagena, la ciudad donde vive mi (supergenialosamejor)amiga Lola, celebramos el Carnaval, fuimos a ver “Las ventajas de ser un marginado”,  e hicimos mucho, mucho, el tonto, fue genial.  Aquí os dejo unas fotos de nuestros outfits y en el próximo post pondré nuestros disfraces de Carnaval.

Very bad Claire, very bad, you’ve taken a long time without updating your blog. Oh, sorry, I’m just exploited studying exams all day all night, and homework, and studying, and just today that I’m sick (oh yeah, that’s cool)I’m updating my blog from my couch wrapped in a hundred blankets, and drinking hot tea. Well, two weeks ago I’ve spent the weekend in Cartagena, the city where my (superawesomebest) friend Lola, celebrating Carnival, watching "The perks of being a wallflower", and playing the fool a lot, it was great. Here you have some photos of our outfits and in the next post I will post our Carnival’s costumes.

Lola lleva camisa de cuadros escoceses de Zara, unos shorts de Levi’s, y unos oxfords de H&M, y yo llevo unos pantalones pitillos del Primark, una camisa negra evasé, unos oxfords negros clásicos, mi bombín de ASOS y una blazer que robé del armario de Lola(muahahaha). La verdad es que a diferencia de en Granada (la ciudad donde yo vivo) hacía mucho calor, más que invierno parecía primavera.

Lola is wearing a tartan shirt from Zara, shorts from Levi's, and a pair of oxfords from H&M, and I’m  wearing a red skinny pants from Primark, a black shirt flared, classics black oxfords, my usual bowler hat from ASOS and a blazer that I stole from Lola’s closet (muahahaha). The truth is that in Cartagena it's so hot! (contrary to Granada where it's cold) it seemed spring instead of winter.

Bye bye lovelies


  1. I absolutely love this look ;) And your hair ! Are they naturally ginger ??

    1. Thanks so much Hania! No, I'm not really ginger ):

  2. Oh yes, it's the same with me :S just studying all the time .. wish you much luck for all your exams and that you get healthy as soon as possible!! ;) Nice pictures!


    1. Thanks so much Elisabeth! The same to you, good lucky to all your exams (we can do it! yeaaaaah)

  3. Claire <3 Good you finall updated, cause I was worried about you. I meanI thought I was writing to a non-stop learning cyborg! (ok, kidding:*)You look pretty awesome! And I'm glad you watched THE movie! I should have gone to Django, but I had no time recently.
    What else my dear far-away-from-here-BFF? Well, I shall say- GIVE ME THIS WEATHER! Cause here is snowing, I wish it was spring already.. But no, it's this stupid cold winter.
    So my dear love you and waiting for the carnival post ! :)

    Your Marti

    1. My marti YEP I-AM-A-CY-BORG-MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA (Ok, Claire, stop, what are you doing?)
      Here in the city I live is very cold too (not as much as in Poland but >-<),
      but in that city (Cartagena) usual is hot like spring or something.
      I will write the next post as soon as possible my dear.

      LOVEE YAAA <3

    2. these photo's are all so lovely! the outfits are perfect and I love your red hair.