06 April 2012

Oh, happy day, happy moments and nice shoes.

Hi! That day, first I wore shorts, but I have to change for long pants because in Italy you must wear it in the church or in the Vaticano. Then I decided to wear the pants all the day, so, my outfit were an oversize shirt, a t-shirt of E.T, a pair of green pants, my black oxford, and lace tights. The outfit of my friend is a Beatles t-shirt, jacket from Zara (I think so), skinny jeans, and red mocassin. Hope you like it! (:


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Italy (Third Day) Outfit.: feeling like a ginger hit girl.

The third day of my travel to Italy, we visited Pisa and Luca. My outfit were inspired in Kick Ass, a happy outfit, with yellow, black and violet colours. I bought this t-shirt in London and I'm in love with it because Hit Girl is auhjsdsagdbandghabndasgdhasbndasgfdhabn too perfect.

                                                                  She's cute, isn't she? 

                   Well, I wear my Kick-Ass t-shirt with shorts and black oxfords, which I put with yellow socks :) 

   This day I felt a little like a ginger Hit Girl, but keep calm, I didn't kill or eat anybody, I just ate pizza. 

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