23 September 2012

Play hard (?).

Hey ya!  Today is the first Sunday of my first school week, and I'm already tired of school, missing so much the summer. Not the summer as a station because I prefer autumn, but you know, I want holidays.
Today I'm going to show you my last friday's outfit. Here, in Spain, in the south of Spain, is still hot (I'm fed up with this heath, I need rain) so, I can wear short-slevess t-shirt and shorts without tights (Anyway, in winter I wear shorts without tights too, I usually can stand the winter cold in my legs, YEP I'm a very stronger haha). Then, I was wearing a black t-shirt (Zara) (with a cool message: Play Hard), my tie-dye Levi's short (DIY), my black classic converse, and a simple bag (I stole it from my sister so I don't know where she got it, I think is a present). I hope you like it.

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Bye lovelies! xx

10 September 2012

You can't say no forever.

Hi everyone!
I'm so sorry, I haven't had internet for last month, well, in fact I did, I mean I had a very bad internet connection in  my village so, I couldn't update my blog . Anyway,  I just want to show you some of my favourite outfit which I wear during my stay in Edinburgh, the first, I really like so much, it is easy and comfortable, I wore my floral jumpsuit (H&M), an oversize (and a little crop-top) blue jumper (Zara), my black Oxfords (H&M), pink pastel socks (Primark) and my new bag that I bought in Primark and it's so cute, with mint colour and made with plastic, perfect for the Scottish weather, and just  £3. I hope you like it! <3

The second look is very simple too. I wore it the day I went to the Edinburgh's Hill: the Arthur's seat (I think is the most beautiful place I've ever been, it's absolutely perfect). I wore a usual beige sweater (H&M), my skinny jeans (Zara)  and my red classic converse, and again, the bag of Primark.

And I guess.. that's all. Now, I'll try to update my blog everyweek for my few followers haha. I hope you like it!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

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