12 January 2013

Liebster award.

Aviso: Este post será sólo en Inglés porque las preguntas y todo en  general estaban en inglés y blablabla.
Notice: this post is going to be just in English because this blog award is in English and blablabla.

Hey ya! Two of my favourite bloggers, Selina and Greta, have nominated me for this blog award, btw, you must check out their blogs because they’re absolutely great (CHECK THEM OUT RIGHT NOW). Ok, the truth is that I should answer 22 questions, but I’m going to combine the questions because I have to study a lot and I haven’t got time to answer all of them... I’m sorry, so, I have mixed them up and now I have 11 questions!.

  • The award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers
  • The nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them
  • If you are nominated write 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions written by the blogger who nominated you
  • Make up 11 new questions to be answered and nominate 11 other bloggers!

First at all, 11 facts about me.
1. I need photography to live. 
2. I play the cello... and the ukulele.
3. Max (from Where the Wild things are) is my super sajhdauyjhdatydujhasdasyujh love.
4. I love tea, I need tea. I’m a compulsive tea-drinker.
5. I should be living in Liverpool, in the 50’s.
6. Right now, I’m exploting bubbles (from a bubble plastic).
7. I’m afraid (very afraid) of mirrors in the darkness.
8. My sister is the most important (and beautiful) person in the Universe, and the 8 is her favourite number so, so, so, nothing.
9. I would like to meet Van Gogh and say to him: "ginger, you’re the best".
10. I like rainy days, I like sunny days, and I like bed days. I like Edinburgh days.
11. "What you have here is a dreamer, someone in completely out of touch with reality."

1. Who is your favorite movie character?
Aaaaaaw I don’t know, Max (where the wild things are), Hit girl (Kick-ass), Amélie Poulain, Paul McCartney (Nowhere Boy), Ariel (The Little mermaid), etc A BIG ETC.
2. What magic power would you want if you could have one?
Ummmm.. I guess… TO FLY! Yep, to fly is the best-power.
3. Who/what is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? 
I have seen a lot of beautiful things and I have met a lot of beautiful people. I'll never choose only one. La vita è bella and, even in the most silly and little thing, we can find the beauty.
4. If you could be anyone in the world for a day, who would you be? 
Amelia Pond, or a Hogwarts’ student.
5. Alone or in company? 
I like company, and with company I especially mean with my stuffed elephant Trompy, but I also feel so good when I’m alone, I think it’s necessary, at least to me.
6. What was your last dream –that you can remember- about? 
Ummmm.. It wasn’t my last dream, and really I can’t remember it very well. I was about Alessia, one of my best friends (she’s my Italian soulmate). We were together, I don’t know where, when and what we were doing, but we were together and that’s the point, because I miss her so much.
7. Where do you want to travel to? 
Right now, I need to come back to Edinburgh and to Italy. And about new places I would like to visit… oh my cat, there are a lot of places! I’ll try to just say one, ummmmmmm...  Jamaica.
8. What is the best advice you have ever been given? 
“Take it easy” (simple but effective) and “Shopping makes things go better” (I like this one so much), and finally “Smile, Claire.”
9. Favourite place to be when you’re sad? 
First, on my bed, second, on my bed, then walking alone on the street, then, on my couch wrapped in a blanket and yum yum wherever I can drink a cup of tea.
10. Prettiest word?
Nebulosa (“nebula” in English)
11. Best magazine? 
Of course, Company, but I can’t buy it in Spain ):

My 11 questions.

1. Maybe you like a lot of types of music, but, which type of music make you dance and sing and jump when you’re alone?
2. Favourite food (apart from your Grandma’s food yum yum)?
3. A word you use a lot?
4. Shoes, socks, shirts, skirts… Have you got any weakness as a good Shopaholic?
5. Where would you like to stay right now?
6. Which one is your favourite part of your body? (I KNOW YOU HAVE ONE, DON’T LIE ME)
7. Do you identify yourself with some magic being?
8. Chocolate ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream, banana ice-cream, Claire ice-cream, straciattella ice-scream, horse ice-cream, yoghurt ice-cream, what flavour do you prefer?
9. Do you like puppets?
10. Any stuffed toy so important to you that is more than a simple thing... and that you love more than anything?
11. Will you marry me? Ok, I’ll shut up. Will you marry some fictional character?  Which one?

My nominations ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW so sorry, but  It's impossible to find eleven persons who hasn't made the award yet, and who has less than 200 followers, so, I just put some blogs) 
Lost in a fairytale  Sorry, I don't know your name ): 
Mandarina (jijijijiji)


  1. Ah thank you so much for this award! I'm so happy with it, oh and my name is Damianne (:


  2. eeek thank you for nominating me dear claire! :3 i enjoyed your questions very much hehe

  3. Me da una rabia tremenda porque ya me han nominado y ya lo he hecho. Y lo que más rabia me da es que era diferente, estaba orientado a la belleza y yo de belleza... poco. Me habría encantado hacer este :'-( ¡Pero muchísimas gracias por nominarme! Es todo un honor :-)
    Y la última respuesta a los 11 hechos sobre ti, la frase de: "What you have here is a dreamer...", me encanta, y me encanta 500 days of Summer, y me encanta Joseph-Gordon Levitt :-)

  4. Jo, ¿qué haces para ser la chica más mona de todo BlogGer?
    Me encanta el cardigan, ¿de dónde es? Es precioso *-*
    Ojalá actualizases más, y ¿tocas el ukelele? ¿En serio? Qué amor. ASDFGHJKLÑ.
    Gracias por pasarte por el blog, muchas muchas muchas gracias.
    Abrazos empapados desde un lugar en el que siempre llueve.
    Por cierto, ¿tienes twitter?

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  6. Oh oh oh


    "8. My sister is the most important (and beautiful) person in the Universe, and the 8 is her favourite number so, so, so, nothing."



    I'll cut her up into a thousand pieces and theeeeeeeen lay them in the streeeeeeeeet

    (... skldufjsyrotunsfjgsdklfgsdfgbse47trqywvewrqjhdbw5erytajhwebm,ahwehjrwgbfhjerqyw9p8eryuwe)

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  8. "Shopping makes things go better" that's creepily materialistic bro (k k nopeee, sorry, I didn't mean to offend youuuu, don't punch me AHHHHHRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)


    Manana flavour: basically mussels on mussels with moaar mussels yahahaaay!