16 October 2012

Sei il sole dentro me.

¡Hola a todos! Esta mañana no tenía colegio y, como mi cámara ha empezado a funcionar de nuevo, de una forma mágica y extraña, pues he aprovechado para salir un rato con mi hermana y hacer algunas fotos. A pesar de ser un supuesto día de otoño todavía hace demasiado sol. Bueno, el outfit que llevo es muy sencillo: una falda amarilla con estampado, un jersey beige, unos calcetines azul marino y unos simples oxfords marrones.  

Hey ya everyone! This morning I haven't had school and, as my camera started working again (in a magic and strange way), I've gone out with my sister to take some photos. Despite of being an autumn day, there's still too much sun here. Anyway, the outfit I wear is very simple: a yellow skirt with print, a beige sweater, blue socks and brown oxfords.

I want to dedicate this last photo to my blogger friend: Greer Hall (visit her blog, NOW!). She's such an inspiration to me. She's so cute and she's got a great style. Those last days, she's having a difficult time, bad time, poo time. But I wanted to tell her one of my favourite quotes: “Life is hard, but so very beautiful”. Dear Greer, if you're reading that, please, smile.  

And that's all, bye <3


  1. Hola guapa me encanta tu look hoy tambien y muchas gracias por los comentarios! me gustaria hacerte como una mini entrevista en mi blog xq me gusta mucho tu estilo y tus fotos pero pienso que no tienes bastantes seguidores! Si te gustaria hacerlo solo tienes que contestar unas pequenas preguntas (in english jaja) o si no quieres te hare un description de tu blog y tus fotos! que te parece?
    mandame un email a leahr_13@hotmail.co.uk o dejalo en un comentario! un besoo! y perdon por el largo mensaje :)

    1. ¿Cómo que perdón por el largo mensaje? No sabes la ilusión que me ha hecho. Estaría encantada de responder a tus preguntas. Muchísimas gracias por todo Leah <3

  2. I just saw you on lookbook, love your outfit here! so cute and the gif is the cutest xx

  3. aweh claire :3 i wish to give you the grandest hug of all! you are so kind, and so very thoughtful! in all this globbity sadness gloop your blog completely slipped me mind! i have lots of reading to catch up on, luckily i have you and your tumblr bookmarked :3
    i saw this post during study hall as i mentioned, and it just made my rest of the day go so swell. annnnd i had doctor who club today! i convinced this wee freshman to come and we all drank fancy tea in our favourite mugs (mine was covered in mustaches from time) and watched Vampires of Venice.
    twas truly splendid.. might we do the same together one day??
    ah and might i ask, how do you do those loooovely gifs? i know a website to create them, but i can never do the pictures quite right.
    thanks again love, you are just the sweeeeetest!
    your whovian and appreciative lump of a buddy,
    Greer xx

    1. Oh, Greer, what a lovely comment.
      I'm so happy because I wanted to make you smile and it has worked! (or I suppose so.)
      I would like to stay in a Doctor who club, it looks very funny, is there anything better than drink tea and watch Doctor Who? Wow, it sounds perfect, yep, one day, we should do the same together.
      Hmmm.. I do those gifs with a program called: "Photoscape" (I also use this program to edit my photos) I think it's a easy and useful program, and it doesn't cost money (it looks like an advertising haha)
      Thanks so much for your comment <3

      With love,

  4. great shots
    love your hair color
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  5. I already love you so so much! :*

    Your Marti <3

  6. you look so lovely, and these pictures are cute <3